Quadratic Functions


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Quadratic Functions Web Quest



Due: May 21, 2010


***FYI*** As of May 14, the only remaining pages will be completed TOGETHER IN CLASS,

Pages 25-26, 27-28, and 29-31 will be completed Monday, May 17

Pages 32-33 and construction will be completed May 18 & May 19

Students will test their construction at school on Thursday, May 20



Page 3                       Defining Vocabulary Words
Page 4 Illustrating Vocabulary Words
Page 5 History of the Parabola
Page 6 Timeline of the History of the Parabola
Page 7 Parabolas in the Physical World
Pages 8-9 Exploring Quadratic Functions (LIVEMATH)
Page 10 Quadratic Functions PowerPoint
Pages 12-14 Applications of Parabolas
Page 15 Folding Parabolas
Pages 16-19 Exploring Quadratic Functions


Pages 20-22 Graphing Quadratic Functions
Page 23 Quiz 9.3 "Graphing Quadratic Functions" Results
Page 24 Quiz 9.4 "Solving Quadratic Functions by Graphing" Results
Pages 25-26 Using the TI-Nspire: Finding the Equation of a Parabola Given the Focus & Directrix
Pages 27-28 Using the TI-Nspire: Given the Equation, Find the Focus, Directrix, and Latus Rectum
Pages 29-31 Making a Model "Parabolas & Solar Cookers"
Page 32-33 FINAL PROJECT "Creating a Parabolic Culinary Apparatus"