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The mission of McEwen Jr. High School is to provide a challenging learning experience in a safe environment where students are encouraged to develop positive characteristics that will enable them to become contributing citizens.

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The vision of McEwen Jr. High School is to provide all students with a safe and challenging learning environment that allows multiple opportunities to develop personal learning styles, interest, and strengths. McEwen Jr. High School strives to continually provide all students with the necessary skills to reach their potential, enabling them to thrive in the present as well as in the future.

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Introduction Task Process Resources Evaluation Conclusion



The following is a list of challenges that you will encounter as you travel through Tennessee. Your journey should be complete at the end of four weeks. You will keep the results of each challenge in a pocket folder. Number the challenges as follows:

Page 1 Tennessee is divided into three regions. Use the map provided or click HERE and print. Divide, color, and label the state regions. Also, label the eight states that surround Tennessee. Title the map.

Page 2 The three regions of Tennessee are divided into many counties. Use the map provided or click HERE and print. Find Humphreys County and label it as well as the five counties surrounding Humphreys County. Also, label the capital city of Tennessee and the county in which it is located. Write the total number of counties in Tennessee on the map. Title the map.

Page 3 Tennessee's topography includes several stunning physical features that form the state's natural beauty. Use the map provided or click HERE and print. Research to name and locate the following Tennessee topographical features: rivers, mountains, valleys, and plateau. Label the five major rivers in Tennessee and color them blue. Draw, label, and color brown the mountain range found in Tennessee. Draw, label, and color yellow the plateau in Tennessee. Draw, label, and color green the two river valleys in Tennessee. Also, in the box at the bottom of the page, create a map key that corresponds with your map.

Page 4 Tennessee has several large cities. Research the five largest cities by population and click HERE to create a bar graph and print or draw and color your own.

Page 5 Tennessee has many symbols that represent the state. Research the state symbols. Complete the "State Information" sheet provided or click HERE and print.

Page 6 Tennessee is connected to the Alamo through Sam Houston and Davy Crockett. Choose one of the two men, research, and write a half-page report (minimum) that explains his connection to Tennessee and his contribution (s) to the defense of the Alamo.

Page 7 Identify the three branches of Tennessee state government. Write a paragraph on each that includes the primary function and the major components of each.

Page 8 Click HERE to see a list of famous Tennesseans. Choose one and write a one-page biography of this person's life. Be sure to include how this person may have influenced or changed any aspect of Tennessee or the United States' e.g., politically, economically, environmentally, historically, etc. In order to reduce duplication, once you have decided on a biographee, you must report to Ms. Amy his/her name. If you choose a name that is not on this list, you must also see Ms. Amy for approval. This challenge will receive an individual grade in addition to being a component of your project. [Extra Credit option: oral presentation in class; 5 points added to your final project grade]

Page 9 Tennessee's economy is influenced by agriculture, manufacturing, mining, and services. Use the resources listed to find the information needed to complete the "Tennessee Economy" outline. Use the handout provided or click HERE and print.

Page 10 Tennessee has had more than one state song in its history. Research the Tennessee state songs. Make a list of the eight state songs, including the year each song was adopted. In addition, you will show your creative side by writing a cinquain (a five-line poem) about Tennessee. Use the handout provided or click HERE and print.

Page 11 During the Civil War, Tennessee was a Confederate state. Search and find all of the Confederate states. Label and color them on the United States map and title the map. Use the handout provided or click HERE and print.
Page 12 Approximately 40 Civil War Battles took place in Tennessee. Make a timeline of at least ten of those battles, including the first and last battles fought in Tennessee. You may click HERE and use the online timeline tool or draw your own.
Page 13 Volunteer Voices is an online database providing access to primary sources "that document Tennessee's rich history and culture". Click the link to the database and do a search for "Trail of Tears" in the search box at the top. Click "view document" beside the military order issued by General Scott, on the authority of President Jackson, to enforce the removal of all of the Cherokee. Read the document and use the evaluation sheet provided to evaluate the primary document or click HERE to print.

Page 14 The word Tennessee comes from the Cherokee Indian name "Tanasi", which was the name of the major Cherokee town in southeastern Tennessee. The Cherokee Indians were not the only native people in the region, however. Research to find five Native American Tribes, other than Cherokee, that originally inhabited the area now known as Tennessee. Choose two of the six total tribes and use a Venn diagram to compare and contrast the two tribes. Use the handout provided or click HERE to print.

P. 15-20 Three United States presidents were from Tennessee. Research each and complete the information sheets provided.

Page 21 Click HERE to view a list of Tennessee Research Topics. Choose one and create a visual about your topic that includes a one-paragraph description. (Examples: graphic organizer, map, chart, Venn diagram, cartoon, sketch, timeline, tree diagram, rank order chart, main idea chart, concept map) In order to reduce duplication, once you have chosen a topic, you must tell Ms. Amy your choice. Should you decide to change your topic, you must see Ms. Amy for approval. This challenge will receive an individual grade in addition to being a component of your project.

P. 22-24 When you have come to the end of your journey, click HERE to go to the Tennessee History for Kids web site to take a test. Choose grade 8 and type in 25 for the number of questions. Type in McEwen Jr. High School and Humphreys. Click "Begin Test". Print your test. Mark your answers on the written test and the computer. When you are finished, click "Grade Test". Write the percentage of correct answers at the top of the paper and then correct any wrong answers. (You should save this challenge for last!)



There are many amazing sites to see in Tennessee. Research the various landmarks and places of interest in Tennessee. Choose five to make a travel brochure advertising these places. Be sure to include pictures and all necessary information, such as admission prices, hours of operation, etc. Microsoft Publisher and are two optional tools you can use to make and print a professional-looking brochure. This extra credit option, if done properly, will cancel your two lowest grades for the sixth 6-weeks.





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