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Mission Statement

The mission of McEwen Jr. High School is to provide a challenging learning experience in a safe environment where students are encouraged to develop positive characteristics that will enable them to become contributing citizens.

Vision Statement

The vision of McEwen Jr. High School is to provide all students with a safe and challenging learning environment that allows multiple opportunities to develop personal learning styles, interest, and strengths. McEwen Jr. High School strives to continually provide all students with the necessary skills to reach their potential, enabling them to thrive in the present as well as in the future.

School Info

365 Melrose Street
McEwen, Tennessee 37101
(931)582-8417 Phone
(931)582-8418 Fax



Information for Parents

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Field Day


 May 13

Last Day of School  

May 26

Out at 10:00

Bell Schedule

1st Period

8:00 - 9:00

2nd Period 9:05 - 9:52
Long Break  
3rd Period 10:07 - 10:58
4th Period 11:03 - 11:45
5th Period Lunch 6th Grade 11:45 - 12:10

         7th & 8th Grade 11:50 - 12:15

6th Period 12:20 - 1:10
7th Period 1:15 - 2:05
8th Period 2:10 - 3:00



Breakfast / Lunch

Application for free or reduced meals will be handed out to every student at the beginning of school. If you qualify, complete and return the application as soon as possible. Students and Guests will pay for meals as they go through the cafeteria lines. Meal prices are subject to change by the Humphreys County Board of Education.


        Breakfast                                        Lunch                                    Extra Milk -- $.40

        6 - 8 students -- $1.25                       6 - 8 students -- $2.25              Visitor's Lunch -- $4.00

        Employees -- $1.50                            Employees -- $3.00                   Thanksgiving Lunch -- $5.00

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Inclement Weather

School closings due to snow or other inclement weather, are decided by the Director of Schools. To find out whether there is school or not, you may watch the local television stations or listen to the radio. Do not call the school office for this information. Parents will receive forms to sign-up for automatic announcements of school closings through automated phone calls, emails, and/or text messages at the beginning of the year.

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21st Century Tutoring Program

Students in grades 6 - 8 may choose to participate in after-school tutoring to provide extra assistance and remedial practice. Enrollment forms will be sent to parents with open enrollment throughout the year. After-school tutoring is free for all students and is available from Monday - Thursday each week. Students must be picked up by 4:30 pm.



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