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The mission of McEwen Jr. High School is to provide a challenging learning experience in a safe environment where students are encouraged to develop positive characteristics that will enable them to become contributing citizens.

Vision Statement

The vision of McEwen Jr. High School is to provide all students with a safe and challenging learning environment that allows multiple opportunities to develop personal learning styles, interest, and strengths. McEwen Jr. High School strives to continually provide all students with the necessary skills to reach their potential, enabling them to thrive in the present as well as in the future.

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365 Melrose Street
McEwen, Tennessee 37101
(931)582-8417 Phone
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Principal's Message

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 May 13

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May 26

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    It is our desire to make each student's educational experience at McEwen Jr. High School the highest quality possible. In today's American society, a poor education usually results in fewer good job opportunities. The administration, teachers, and staff of McEwen Jr. High School will do all that is possible to make each student feel welcome, feel safe, improve academically, and have a great school year.


    McEwen Jr. High School is actually a small community within itself. Every community has certain rules and regulations necessary to enable people therein to live and work together; this school is no different. McEwen Jr. High School is quite unique in that it shares a campus with McEwen Elementary School and McEwen High School. This requires even more restrictive rules, in certain cases, than would be necessary at other schools because high school requirements directly affect what the elementary and junior high students can do and vice versa. Please be aware of this fact and try to understand when the rules that affect you seem trivial. These rules are in effect to make every student's educational experience as positive as possible.


    I would like to give one overall guiding rule that will apply to everyone in virtually every situation, and that is BE WHERE YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE -- WHEN YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE THERE -- DOING WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE DOING. If everyone will follow this very simple rule, all of us will be much better off.


    Our goal at McEwen Jr. High School (M.J.H.S.) is to provide a pleasant learning environment and to prepare all students so that they can enjoy a successful future and be prepared for today's fast-paced and constantly changing world.


Thank you,


Principal: Mr. Terry Coleman